At TALION, we structure our products and services including our chemicals to the exact specifications that suit the specific needs of our customers because believe each customer is unique.


TALION Industries Limited sells various chemicals under the brand name TI for several applications, which include food & beverage processing, cosmetics & Soaps manufacturing, oil & gas drilling & refining, pharmaceuticals & water treatment.


TALION Industries offers a wide-range of innovative specialty chemical products to meet the needs of the global oilfield industry. We’ve built our reputation on understanding the individual requirements of our customers, and providing a personal touch to deliver solutions for the most challenging conditions.


We are a leading chemical supplier and we would like the chance to help you operate at lower costs and maximum efficiency. When you work with us we provide technical service backed by a research laboratory.


Our firm also aims to solve many petroleum challenges during drilling and extraction – challenges that require the right chemical for the job – and chemicals that provide reliable results. Delays or stoppages mean significant expense.


Innovative chemicals for petroleum refining

TALION Industries ltd is a leading supplier of advanced chemicals that aid in the processing and production of high quality fuels. Our broad range of products are commonly used by refineries and refinery service companies to improve refining processes and attain specific fuel requirements.

For refinery processing, you can rely on TALION Industries for consistent reliability and unsurpassed performance.


Chemicals for Oil and Gas drilling

We supply chemicals for oil and gas drilling such as Shale stabilizers, Drilling thickeners, Clean up chemicals etc


Mineral Exploration, Development, and Production

bld16uygi103TALION Industries is focused on developing promising mineral projects into production and improving the economics of operational mining assets in strategic regions. It targets opportunistic projects that are either near or development-ready.

With our expert team as well strong entrepreneurial energy and vision, TALION Industries has the operational expertise and capacity to improve an asset’s existing operations, or bring them into production. Thus, TALION Industries invests in opportunities where our team’s extensive operating experience and capacity can be utilized to create profitable operations even in low commodity price environments.

TALION seeks to invest in high value, low cost, development-ready assets able to achieve production within a short time frame. Ensuring efficiency in this mandate, Talion Industries takes the controlling position so as to achieve the greatest return; utilizing an international talent pool of geologists, open cut and underground mining professionals, processing specialists, health, safety and environmental experts, logisticians, finance, commercial, operators and maintenance professionals.

We seek to invest in high grade, low cost, operating or development-ready assets within a broad base of minerals.

TALION Industries has the operating experience and capability to take over operations or achieve production within a short time frame, especially during adverse economic conditions; taking the controlling role in opportunities where the experience of the TALION team can be utilized to achieve the highest value turnaround.

We are currently working to bring several projects to fruition.

TALION Industries focuses on exploration, development and production for gold, copper, Lead, Nickel, zinc, gemstones, rare earth elements and several other solid minerals worldwide.


Equipments and Spare Parts

We also supply and maintain equipments and spare parts.


We supply high pressure and medium pressure valves with ISO 9001, CE, API GD, TS and ISO 14001 certificates. Our products include parallel disc valves, double-block bleed valves, gate valves, ball valves, butterfly valves and plug valves.

The materials are carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel and other special steel. Our valves are used in the fields of petroleum, electric power, aviation, fuel gas, water supply, long-delivery pipelines etc.



We supply high pressure piston compressor systems for air, natural gas, technical and industrial gases.

Our main products include:

– Air and water cooled high pressure piston compressors.
– Water cooled compressors
– High speed balanced compressors
– Special compressor units produced according to customer specifications in collaboration with our technical partners.



We help our clients to locate and secure various types of resources that are desired. We help to structure; to find, qualify, and procure specific types of resource our clients needs.

Along with locating and qualifying resources on behalf our clients, we also seek to obtain the best possible pricing and value for our customers. We supply the resources need by our customers or help to arrange and qualify vendors on our client’s behalf.

Contact us for your procurement needs. We will be glad to offer our services and enhance your business. You can send us your requirements from our Contact Us page and we will respond to you immediately.


 Why Choose Us?

  • Prompt delivery. We’re committed to deliver at the best possible time to meet our client’s timelines.
  • Competent staff. Our nimble and detail-oriented team is committed to work thoroughly and professionally.
  • Value-oriented. We constantly strive to give the best financial and resource value to clients.
  • Best returns on client investments.